Dealing With Fibroid Tumors

Fibroid Tumors were introduced to me December 2017. Not being totally familiar with natural herbs and its benefits with the power of self healing, I had surgery that made sense at the time but seemed to later cause more issues. I still sometimes face obstacles from having surgery, myomectomy, but little did I know that all the previous pain, blood transfusions, not wanting to be on earth anymore, would all be apart of my present story.

Natural Herbs I use for at home Yoni Steaming for my fibroid tumors, has drastically reduced my pain, heavy bleeding, and cramping symptoms. Now, I would be telling the perfect story if I said things were peachy cream but healing from fibroid tumors and surgery takes time, patience, and acknowledge to accept change. To provide myself longevity, I had to change my food intake and become more active. Not the easiest choices but giving up beef and pork, taking the stairs, clear home space to think, and speaking positivity created some balance in my life.

Uterine health is important for all ages, especially for our young teenagers first starting their cycle. Natural herbs benefits for Yoni Steaming should be taught early and self care should not be shamed. This is my truth, my story to tell, and it’s my mission to educate on uterine health.

Some Things To Do While Healing:

Lifestyle Change-Say No To Diets



Relaxing Mentally

Speak Positive To Oneself

Laugh Daily

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