Embracing My Journey

Yoni Steam Practitioner, Doula, & Herbalist

MoeTivate Your Womb was an unplanned business. In 2017, I developed fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, and had multiple blood transfusions.

After being told to have a hysterectomy and contemplating leaving this earth, I was introduced to the benefits of herbs. I became a certified vaginal steam facilitator to educate women on uterine health and its benefits from using natural herbs.

Wanting to extend my knowledge, create change in the community, and make the best of all my International trips, I became a certified doula to educate women on their reproductive & birthing rights.

I also launched a men wellness line called “Men Need Love Too”. It’s an all natural capsule that focus on men’s health such as stamina, energy, brain alertness, memory, boost testosterone, sexual health and more.

MoeTivate Your Womb has expanded with brand ambassadors in New York and South Africa.

So here I am💫

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