Lifestyle Change

Peace Love And Yoni Herbs🌟

Many always ask me how am I coping after a rough 2018 year? I literally was in and out the hospital, two blood transfusions, and was debating on if I wanted to stay on earth when it seemed like life didn't value me.

When I almost gave up, my support system didn’t allow my mental state to lose. They kept giving encouragement, kept visiting, and kept making me walking though I had this abdomen incision that made it hard for me to move.

August will be a little over a year since my removal of fibroid tumors, myomectomy, my lifestyle change, and my adventure to learning more about the true benefits of natural herbs.

Things aren't easy, cravings aren't invisible, but my mental state has grown so strong that it makes me want to be better daily.

I encourage all to take small step daily to make a change spiritually, physically, and mentally.


Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

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