The Honest Bleeding Truth

Last night on an interview, I told a sensitive story about how when my fibroids caused me to bleed so much that I destroyed my work chair and had so much blood on the toilet floor. I could feel my heart beating so slow that it seemed it was going to stop at any moment. I was dizzy and out of breath.

You want to know why this traumatic scene took place? Because my boss at that time told me to “Stay down!” He was Referring to my chair. I was so scared to get up that I bled everywhere and he didn’t care! I had a blood transfusion later that week. I had to learn the hard way to become an advocate for myself.

If you didn’t her a chance to watch my interview last night on IG, please take a moment to do so, like the video, and drop a 💜 on this point.

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Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

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