Uterine Health: Don’t Be Afraid To Love Your Vagina

How many times you’ve heard the word VAGINA called every name but the right one? What was a vagina name chosen for you? I’ve heard private part, twat, between your legs, cooter, camel toe, vajajay, cooch, and the list goes on. When the word vagina is mentioned, more often than not, people get embarrassed of the tabooed word.

As a result, some women grow up either not fully being comfortable with themselves or is known to be too bold. So let’s be the bold person and talk about it!

Our VAGINA goes through a lot and we don’t appreciate them enough. Becoming more familiar with our vagina means speaking to it, touching it, self caring for it, allowing good vibes only in it, and NOT being ashamed of it. We have something special that’s part of our beauty and it’s a positive self reflection. Allow your mind and body to appreciate one another.

Self Love is a journey and you should worship yourself as you are deserving only of the best.

Ways to show your VAGINA love is to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and water. I suggest this increased intake because as we all know, when our vagina is imbalanced, our entire mood is out of whack. Focus daily on having a healthy VAGINA, do your pelvic floor muscles exercise, practice frog pose yoga, yoni steam monthly, and practice womb meditation.

You all got this and don’t ever be afraid to love your vagina.

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