Womb Baggage - Allowing The Wrong Person

Once upon a time, I met this guy from my hometown that I was totally head over heels for. As time went on, I felt so sure of our chemistry that I decided to give myself to him. The present moment seemed assuring but afterwards, not so much. I later found out he thought it would be fun to disclose our experience with laughter to friends. He later apologized, stating he wasn’t sure why he did this but I just couldn’t shake this disgusting feeling. At the time, I didn’t know how to verbalize my emotions so I internalized my anger and consumed so much negative energy that I was having irregular cycles and abdominal pain. I was carrying emotional womb baggage.

Looking back, I could have did a mental reset, cleansed and released my emotions with natural herbs. Many don’t realize our womb is where we carry many emotions that consists of shame, anger, unforgiving thoughts and stored memories of past trauma. Can you say, blocked sacral Chakra? Emotional baggage displays in our physical health and yoni steaming supports the release of past to welcome in the new. This entire process is also called GROWTH.

Let go and heal!

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