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What Is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni Steam and Herbal Bath consist of a universal blend of herbs that works for everything from general womb cleansing, self pampering, endometriosis, heavy blood clots, irregular cycles, postpartum, yeast infections, cysts and fibroids.  Most of the time, our womb has blockage, old residue, and stagnant blood due to poor circulation. Yoni Steam herbs will remove the old and add the proper circulation within your womb.


A yoni steam is ancient practice of sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with  herbs. Yoni steaming uses the healing power of plants and vital heat to restore balance to our feminine cycles in all life stages. The herb infused steam supports our bodies in the natural release and connect us to our inner womb.


Peace, Love, And Yoni Herbs

MoeTivate Your Womb promotes natural herbs. Herbal baths for men and women, men wellness capsules for overall health, herbal tea, face steaming, and yoni steam for uterine health and womb cleansing. 


The herbs can also assist to reduce symptoms for fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PCOS and increase fertility. 


The men wellness capsules can boost testosterone, energy, hormone balance, overall sexual heal and more.








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